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Folded Corner Clipper Ruler

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    No need to draw pencil lines.

    Save Steps – You have to trim the corner anyway, why not trim it first, and use the raw edge as your seam guide? Since the corner was trimmed with a straight edge, your bonus triangle is ready to sew into a half-square-triangle block!

    45 Degree Angle Perfection – Use the 45 degree angle to join binding, or create a mitered corner.

    Multiple Patterns – Create blocks like cornered rectangles, flying geese, diamond in a square, and snowball.

    Easy To Use – The ruler slides easily over the fabric until pressure is applied. Our exclusive gripper holds the fabric in place while cutting, eliminating slipping and mis-cuts!

    Guided Instructions – Learn techniques and tips from our detailed printed instructions.

    Notice that the markings on this template are easy to read, making this so much simpler to use.  This is how to make a folded corner, faster and easier, with the Folded Corner Clipper:

    This method can be used for several different blocks:
    And since the corners were trimmed with a straight, rotary-cut edge, the leftovers are easily sewn into a Half-Square-Triangle block.  But those blocks always need to be trimmed to a usable size.  Here's the traditional way of trimming that HST block to size:
    It's much faster to use the Folded Corner Clipper to trim first, then press open:

    Or if you need to cut HST's for your project, save fabric by using the Folded Corner Clipper.  Instead of cutting squares in half diagonally, cut your HST's from strips.  For example, to make a 2" finished HST block, you would need to cut 2 7/8" squares.  By cutting from strips, they would need to be only 2 1/2" wide:
    Finally, you will love this tool for preparing your binding strips. Joining them is easy when they have been cut first to identify the sewing line:
    I know that you will find the Folded Corner Clipper to be a helpful, time-saving tool. 

    • S: 5 INCH
    • M: 9 INCH
    • L: 13 INCH