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Heart Pattern Quilting & Patchwork Template

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Love is in the air! How about a handmade gift for someone special? Our Half-Heart Template might be just what you're looking for!

Gizzards (chicken's) are bi-lobed and resemble this shape perfectly...kinda funny. It sounds like an old farmer's granny may have named this quilt. Someone who cleaned LOTS of chickens for lots of Sunday dinners in her lifetime. 

Half-Heart Template is perfect for stitching up projects to show you care. Think I will use leftover squares to make a table runner.

You can use the template to make Pocket Prayer Quilt that includes a pocket so you can keep a list of people you’re praying for, a special quote, or a small photo.

I have many friends live in a senior-only apartment complex these will be great for. Or if you made this smaller and in baby colors, it would make an adorable baby quilt!!!

This is such a wonderful, versatile ruler to have in your sewing room.

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