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Spring Quiet Book - 2024

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PDF Quiet book - Nature Awakening - 2024 edition - 14 activity pages -

I am pleased to present my latest creation of a quiet book on the theme of spring (new improved and enriched version).

Quiet books are small notebooks offered to children for quiet moments during transitions or travels. They are highly appreciated by children aged 2 to 5 years old.

These quiet books allow children to focus on summer activities while learning new things and practicing their fine motor skills with the scratch pieces.

All my materials are available in my "Amazon materials" section linked in bio.

You will find the following pages:

  • Leaf symmetry

  • Making a bouquet of spring flowers

  • Finding insects hidden in the grass

  • Butterfly life cycle

  • Ladybug's dots

  • Flower colors

  • Germination stages

  • Butterfly wings

  • Placing insects back in the garden

  • Dandelion cycle

  • A butterfly tangram

  • The vegetable garden

  • A spring puzzle

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